Cloud Accounting : An Easy Way of Accounting

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping Operations
May 3, 2017
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QuickBooks and Quicken: Comparative Names, Distinct Features
May 5, 2017

Cloud Accounting : An Easy Way of Accounting

cloud accounting

What is Cloud Accounting ?

As a new technology cloud has swept the world by its feet. As a lay man you may or may not be aware of this technology and its benefits but the impact of cloud technology on accounting field is clearly visible. As the name suggests, cloud based accounting software is an accounting software hosted on remote servers. Explore the pros and cons of cloud accounting in our blog QuickBooks cloud based accounting software. The endless benefits provided by cloud accounting  cannot be neglected.

We have listed down some of the benefits below to begin with. Let us have a look at them:


1. Accessibility


With conventional accounting on the local computer the application and data accessibility was restricted to only one device. A licensed version of the application was needed separately to be able to use it on other devices. Additionally, extra efforts were required in the case of data transfer. With cloud the problem is resolved as the application along with the data would be available on any device, given that it is connected to the internet. This increases the accessibility quotient of the application as well as the data.


2. Resolves the issue of compatibility with different OS


Earlier many technical issues used to arise when accounting files were exchanged between different devices. These issues were mainly due to incompatibility between different OS on different devices. With cloud based accounting software, the compatibility issue is resolved as user’s operating system has nothing to do with cloud.

3. Support and Backup


Support is an indispensable part of cloud computing as data migration is required when you move to the cloud and you have to create a backup point. It is strongly recommended to leave the technical operations in the hands of support team. When you need to access the backup again the support team will come in handy. QuickBooks is one of the highly demanded cloud based applications in the market. To know more about QuickBooks, you may call our QuickBooks technical support number 1-800-945-0645.

4. Managing Users is Easy


Cloud provides a multi-user environment where each user works on the same files in a collaborative manner. It is one of the greatest gifts of cloud accounting as it pace up the accounting operations. With access permissions defined precisely different accounts can be managed efficiently. Only admin is allowed to provide access to various users and manage their permissions, such as – viewing, editing, deleting, etc.

5. The Security Factor


The critical financial details of your business including salaries and account number of your employees and filed taxes on the cloud need to be protected from unwanted hands. A reliable cloud hosting provider ensures the use of strong encryption technology such that only the rightfully authorized and verified persons can access the accounting data. There are other security measures that are taken while cloud accounting such as 2-Factor authentication in order to secure your data and application

QuickBooks is a very successful cloud accounting software that has climbed up the ladder of success with in no time. To know more about QuickBooks, just dial our QuickBooks technical support number 1-800-945-0645 and keep yourself updated.





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